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Advent 2010: Week 2

Can you believe it??  The second week of Advent is almost here!!  I hate to admit this but Satan has gotten a hold of our calendar.  Apparently, as soon as we began Advent, Satan decided it was time to fill up our calendar with activities, places to go, things to do, projects for school, and other ways to take our focus off of Christ.  Well, no matter what we are going to put Christ first!  We have had to rearrange our Advent activities and we are finding the time to do it regardless!  Back off, Bucko!

Today, I will spare you of the endless ramblings from yesterday…Thank God today is a new day!  I hope you enjoy your week’s worth of Advent!!

Second Week

Just a reminder, the second week of Advent is known as the week of preparation.  The second candle is called the “Bethlehem Candle.”  God prepared the scene for the birth of Christ.  He had developed the plan and now he had to prepare the world.  He had the census happening and the star.  It was the perfect clear night!  And now this week’s activities will help you and your basket recipient prepare for Christmas!

Second Sunday At-Home Candle Lighting

Bible Reading:  Psalm 72:1-7

Prayer:  Thank you God, for sending Jesus to us and to those in need.  Jesus healed the sick, comforted those in mourning and loved everyone.

Lighting:  As we light this candle, we know that in heaven and on the new earth, there will be no sickness, pain, poverty, and suffering.  Thank you Jesus for preparing the way for us.

SingIt Came Upon a Midnight Clear

Second Monday

Bible Verse:  Psalms 62:8

Discussion:  Focus on the part saying, “Pour out your heart before God.”  Talk about how many cultures have tea time.  Discuss how tea time with God is important..confessing, praying, listening…

Activity:  Tea Sachets/Tea Bags

Tea bags have only been around for a hundred years.    But, can you imagine drinking tea with tea leaves floating around in your cup?  Strainers were used to filter out as much of those tea leaves as possible.  Early tea bags were made of cheese cloth or muslin.  And they were reused by refilling the bags with fresh ground tea leaves.

I found a blog site that has instructions on making two different bags! You can use the “Pour out your heart before God” verse on the card.  What a neat way of sharing God’s warmth after a good prayer time!!

Put the tea bags in the basket!

Second Tuesday

Bible Verse:  Philippians 4:4

Discussion:  What does it mean to rejoice?  Why do we celebrate Christmas?  Why does God want us to rejoice?

Activity:  Homemade Party Cracker

The party cracker was created in the 1840’s.  It was inspired by the French who placed small toys in a cylinder wrap.  English Crackers were created in Britain as a means to celebrate Christmas and New Years.  The Crackers are filled with trinkets of love, small toys, paper hats, and candy.  Two people pull apart the cracker to get the goodies inside.  There is a “snap” or a “cracking” sound with pulled apart from the ends.

I found a blog site with instructions for making one.  You should make yours with Christmas in mind or the person it will be given to…add today’s Bible verse inside as a “fortune” message or written on the tube!  Have fun!! Be sure to add your cracker into your baskets.

Second Wednesday

Bible Verse:  James 1:17 ESV

Discussion:  What is a stocking?  Why are they hung for Christmas?  What was put in them long time ago?  Did  you know that all gifts come from God?  Do you know the one special gift God gave us for Christmas?

Activity:  Making a Stocking

Be sure to put your stocking into your baskets!  You might want to make smaller ones!!  Have fun!!

Second Thursday

Bible Reading:  Matthew 2: 1-12

Discussion:  The Magi and their gifts.  Why was it important for the Magi to give Jesus gifts?  What were the gifts?  Why do we give gifts?

Activity:  Biscuit Box

We are making a card stock biscuit box.  Decorate it as you like!  You can add Philippians 4:4 or John 3:16 to your box.  We will be making goodies for the boxes next week! Put it in your baskets for safe keeping!!

Second Friday

Bible Verse: Mark 16:15

Discussion:  We are told to go and tell the world the good news.  What does it mean good news?  Talk about why we send Christmas cards.  Explain that Christmas cards can be a tool to use to spread the good news about Jesus Christ and Salvation.

Activity:  Making Christmas Cards

There are endless possibilities for making Christmas cards.  Be sure to add scripture to your cards!  Here’s some examples I found on the internet!


For the expert..

images (1)

Don’t you just love felt creations?


Sponge paint!  Oh doesn’t that sound like fun!!


Use up last year’s ribbon!


Look at all these great ideas!!!  Aren’t you ready to make your own.  If you have time, make a bundle of the cards to go into your basket.  They can share your love with others!  Ahem.. spreading the good news!!!

Second Saturday

Bible Verse:  1 Corinthians 14:12

Discussion:  God has given each of a special gift, or talent, if you will.  Some people are talented in art.  Some in sewing, baking, making toys, and building things.  Others help friends and neighbors.  There are all kinds of talents in the world.  What is your talent?

What does it mean to “build up the church”?  How can we use Christmas as a way to build up the church?

Activity:  Recycling Cookie Tins

I bet if you look around you will find dozens of cookie tins or candy tins in your Christmas stash.  Why don’t you recycle them this year by spray painting at adding Christmas embellishments?  Here’s a link to show you how.

Next week we will fill them with goodies!!  YUMMY!!

May God bless your second week of Advent!!

Christmas 2010: Stockings

Over the past two years, I have given my family a Christmas challenge.  The first year, we made all of our gifts.  Everything was handmade and of course, it was the year I explained that the kids were receiving 3 gifts from our family unit (1 from Santa, 1 from mom and dad, and one from each other).  We loved it!  Last year we had a recycled Christmas.  We used materials only in our home and garage.  It was almost too much for us to handle.  I think we started too late!  Anyway, this year, we are having a “natural” Christmas.  Everything we use to decorate and give each other in our immediate family will be from “mother nature.”   The store-bought garland, tree, and decorations will be kept in storage this year.  I want my kids to experience a more “pioneer” decorating display.

Call me crazy, but I think we will have a blast!!

So I have designated Thursdays to Christmas ideas.  Please feel free to share your own ideas!!  I would love to hear them!!  And today’s topic:  the Christmas Stocking..

After reading about the history of the stocking, I found that there really isn’t one time/ one person who created the Christmas stocking.  There are a couple of legends I want to tell you about..

1.  It was said that a poor widowed man and his three daughters lived in a small village.  The man was too poor to marry off his daughters.  He was the target of the town gossip concerning his daughter’s affairs.  He asked St. Nickolas for help.  On Christmas eve, St. Nick came through bringing three bags of gold.  St. Nick couldn’t find anything to put the bags into except the stockings that were hung to dry over the fire.  So, thinking quickly, St. Nick put the bags in the stockings and the family woke up rich.

2.  Children would leave their boots (wooden shoes, shoes, slippers) at the hearth filled with straw and carrots for Santa’s reindeer (donkey, horse, etc).  In return, Santa would leave gifts in the children’s boots.  Eventually the boots turned into stockings..

So there ya go.. the legends behind the stockings.  Simple enough.. right????

Now, where are you going with this, Regina… may be what you are thinking.  I have been inspired by my mother-in-law.  She has knitted each grandchild a stocking.  So, I have decided to make a stocking.  This should be interesting since I can’t knit.  Although I have found some really cool patterns for crocheted and sewn stockings.   Since I can’t knit, it may be safer for me to make mine by crocheting or sewing.. what do you think??


Here’s the kicker though…. all natural materials.  There wasn’t synthetics in the pioneer days.  So, sackcloth or all organic cotton may be used.  Wool yarn or another animal hair yarn will be used.  I might even felt a wool sweater from Goodwill to make my stocking.

There is the nice website that has gathered free patterns for knitters, crocheters, and seamstresses alike.  Check out Love to Know.  Now here’s the sweet thing.. make one and send me a picture.  I want to share with my other readers.  I hope you are inspired to try.  I will probably only get one done.. especially since I already have beautiful knitted ones from Mom.

Merry Christmas…. God Bless…..