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Hot Chocolate

This morning, I did a happy dance in my kitchen.  There wasn’t any music playing; but there I was just a dancing!  It is cool enough for me to drink hot chocolate and I was celebrating!

I danced to the tune of the microwave as it heated up my cup of water.  I took in a deep breath over the hot chocolate mix canister.  MMMMMM……. chocolate!  I smelled so hard that some of the powder tickled my nose.

When the microwave beeped, I was so excited I almost giggled like a little kid.  Counting 1, 2, 3, teaspoons of the powder mix, I almost overflowed the mug.  The scraping of the spoon as I stirred made my taste buds water.  Holding the mug between my hands, I lifted it to my nose for another smell.  My whole body shook from all the excitement.

I could hardly wait to take a sip….. siiiiipppp….. OUCH!  MAN!!  THAT’S HOT!!  Of course, I burned my mouth!  But who cares!!  It’s hot chocolate!!  No pain, No gain…. right????

Enjoy your Wednesday!  God bless……….