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Pumpkin Bread

It that time of the year!!  Time for pumpkin bread!!  Yesterday, I cooked down  one of my many pumpkins.  I lucked into finding them on sale for a buck each!  And with today’s economy…… that was a bargain!

I used to boil the pumpkins down.  Not anymore.  A friend explained that baking the pumpkins were so much easier.  And that is soooo true!  Now I just cut off the stem part, cut it in two, and clean it out.  I bake them on a cookie sheet (cut side down) for an hour at 375 degrees.

Once they are cooled down I can peel off the skin and mash the meat of the pumpkin…… it will look like this:

Now it is time to make the good old pumpkin bread.  I have mine in the oven right now.  Oh…. the house smells heavenly!!

I found this recipe in my “Taste of Tanako” cookbook.  Tanako is a local church camp.  It is very yummy and easy to make.

On a side note….. ever seen a blue egg?  I purchase my eggs from our Humane Society.  Anyway, they now have some Araucanas chickens and are selling blue eggs.  They are almost too pretty to eat!

Anyway, I hope you find the time to make some yummy pumpkin bread.  My mouth is watering right now smelling them bake!  I’ve got 30 more minutes until they are done!!


Today’s list…..

1.  pumpkins

2. recipe books

3.  cooler temperatures

4.  fall

5.  spices

6.  baking pumpkin bread

7.  Bible studies

8.  discussions on Bible truths

9.  left overs for lunch

10.  the delicious smell of pumpkin bread

Enjoy your Wednesday.   God bless…… and happy baking!!