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Weekend of Wonder

A tragic death clouded my heart last week.  I listened to the cries of a dear friend. I sent heart felt condolences to Ms. Sisson’s daughter, a friend of yesteryear.  My heart cried out “Why the senselessness?”   A daughter’s response, “Let’s focus on Christ and His good.”



God Sent.

My eyes brimmed and my heart burst as I watched beautiful earthly angels dance Saturday.  Their bodies limited but their hearts soared.  A dance recital for I Can Dance broke free my snared heart bound by senselessness.  Those wiggles and smiles melted my soul.  “Praise God” whispered throughout the audience.  Proud parents, grandparents and friends watched with love through their own tears of joy.

Senselessness dissolved and hope entered.

Profound Hope.

Perfect Hope.

God Sent Hope.

Saturday evening, love filled the air.  Dear friends celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.  Sixty years of devotion, care, and wisdom.  Sixty years that produced three daughters, son-in-laws, grandchildren and countless friends.  Sixty years celebrated.  A man and his bride danced cheek to cheek bursting with love.

Profound Love

Perfect Love.

God Sent Love.

Sunday morning’s worship service lead by beautiful angelic voices soothed my weary soul.  Their youthful smiles and joyous sound echoed in the deepness of my heart.  The Holy Spirit aroused my molecular body and energized me.  My heart overflowed with joy. Then the message filled ears and encouraged grateful hearts to beat.

Profound gratitude.

Perfect gratitude.

God sent gratitude.

I pulled into the drive of an overcrowded funeral home.  The mother/aunt taken earlier in the week lay resting within that building.  The out pour of love represented by the multitude of people eased so many hearts.  Daughters and family wore red to symbolize the love and honor felt.  Comfort and peace adorned the room.  God’s holy presence felt by all.  Ms. Sisson pulled from the grips of anger and fear and engulfed in Christ’s mighty arms.  A peaceful end to a horror unimaginable.

Profound Grace.

Perfect Grace.

God sent Grace.

The weekend of God’s wonder closed with a community Thanksgiving worship service.   Giving thanks to Him for blessings.  Giving thanks with a grateful heart.  Giving thanks for a strong Christian community.  Giving thanks for His son.  Giving thanks for all things.  Glorious fellowship.

Profound Ending.

Perfect Ending.

God’s sent Ending of a perfect weekend of wonder.

God bless…….