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Holy Celebration



Today is Maundy Thursday.  Our Easter celebrations begin to intensify starting today.  I will not be posting tomorrow because it is Good Friday.

I have some really great activities that you may want to enjoy with your family.  These activities are recipes that tells a story.  They are a lot of fun!

Scripture Cake

This cake is based on scriptures found in the Old Testament.  It is like a fruit/spice cake.  I have made it before and really enjoyed looking up the scriptures with my kids to see if they could figure out what the ingredient is..

scripture cake recipe

Seder Meal

This is the Last Supper.  It is a Jewish tradition for the Passover meal.  I have found this wonderful website that has examples of what to serve as well as the Passover Prayers.  This is  an unique opportunity to share with your children what Jesus might have been eating for his last supper.  Visit the website by clicking here.

last supper

Empty Tomb Cookies

This year, I am going to make these cookies with my kids.  I have always wanted to but just never have.  You will read a story while making the cookies.  The story is of Christ’s crucifixion and the resurrection.  The recipe and story can be found here.   And this is what the cookies look like when finished.. an empty tomb.

empty tomb cookies

Enjoy your Easter celebrations.  May God be the center of your weekend.  God Bless…