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The Day After

The pastor’s words cling to my heart this day after Easter Sunday.

The stone is too heavy for me to move.  I’ve tried.  Alone.  I need Christ’s scared hands to roll it away.

The memories of yesterday’s Easter meal…. Family and friends gathered around a table.  Laughing.  Sharing. Creating memories.  Ah, they are forever noted in my mind’s eye.


This morning’s breakfast table seemed to empty.  40 lit candles are put away.  The Lenten season over.  40 scriptures and devotionals read, discussed and digested…. over.

Today’s Bible study exclaimed!  Jumped from the passages of James 4.  He gives us more grace. James 4:6

More grace.

What more do I need?  My heart broke yesterday.  My stone too heavy to move.  He gives me more grace.  His grace rolls the stone from my heart and sets my soul free.

Set free…..

Spirit of the Fruit grows.

More Grace.

I shared with a sister.  We praise.  Our stones are being pushed away.  Freedom so close.  He gives us more grace.

The choices I made during Lent.  To give away.  To give up.  To give over to Christ.  Why must I want to go back?  This thought rolls around in my tomb of a mind. I swallow the sweet sugar treat that I refrained from for 40 days.

Guilt wrestles with my heart.


Anger at myself.

He gives us more grace.  Why need anything else?

Give up during Lenten Season?  Why not of a life season?  Would I not be more blessed?

He gives us more Grace

I wash the wax from Granny’s platter.  Thinking.  Lost in my thoughts.  Shouldn’t I be more fruitful?

Pulling out my great grandmother’s handiwork, I spread it over the table’s center.  Hours of work from yesteryear laid across my table.

I need a reminder of a fresh day……The women who found the rolled stone and a risen Jesus…. imagine their day after Easter.  They were filled with a fresh start.  Did they fall back to their old ways?  Did they roll the stone back? Did they celebrate?  Giggle?  Laugh?  Throw up their hands and praise God? Did they become fruitful?

I pull from my cabinet my platter and teapot.  Beautiful spring colors.  Bright. Green.  Full of life.

Galatians 5:22 staring back at me.

A tuck of a spring flower and a handcrafted bird…. new spring life sprouted in my heart.

Yes, be fruitful.  Yes, to a life season.  Yes, to more…..

He gives us more grace.

God bless……