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Value of Friends

Have you ever thought about how much you truly value your friends?  Would you have to break down the value according to the degree of your relationship.  I guess your BFF would have a greater value than say a church acquaintance.  Or do you think that every person regardless of the friendship hierarchy should have the same value?

I asked myself these kinds of questions last night.  Did Christ value others more?  Did He give out a cheaper miracle to some and others gave the richest of miracles?  Or would you say the value of every miracle He performed was equal?  I mean a miracle is great no matter the size, right?

Shouldn’t we give our best to all of our friends equally?  Or how about to anyone?  Shouldn’t we treat everyone equally in terms of value?  Thought provoking, huh?

You see, Mary.. you know the Martha and Mary, Mary… well she was criticized by Judas for pouring her most expensive perfumed oil on Jesus’ feet.  It was an act of most grand value.  She used the expensive oil to show her devotion and love to Jesus.  It was an act of giving that went without notice from Christ.  She was blessed.  Can you imagine the feeling she had as she did this?  This was a valued oil (averaging like $60 in today’s money)  Something to treasure and she was giving it away freely.  And Judas of all people had to make a comment. (John 12: 4-6)

But, how ironic… Judas sold Jesus out for a mere 20 bucks.  Shows you how much he truly valued his friendship with Christ.. ahem.. God himself.

And now, think about Christ.  He paid the ultimate price.. for everyone equally.  He died so that everyone could have an eternal relationship with God.  The value is the same for everyone.

Makes you stop and think doesn’t it?  Well, while you are thinking.. have a great day!  God Bless..