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Cake, Carpool, and John 3:16

Okay, first of all.. as soon as I posted yesterday, a dear friend of mine texted me and asked. “Could you please make a cake for tomorrow?”

At first, I jumped up and down!!  My first order and I was excited!!  Then WHAM!!  Insecurity jumped right in on my little celebration.  I have always made cakes for my family.  I’ve never been actually paid for it.  I was worried about it being good enough to be bought.  I was ready to run home and take back the blog post.

But the reason behind the cakes is too important to me than these little insecurities.  So I sucked it up and pulled up my big girl pants.  I could do it without a hitch.. then my dear friend said, “My son loves ducks and lab dogs.”  Plus he is turning 16 so the baby shower ducky pattern just flew out the window.  Again, insecurity settled into my thoughts.

So, I toughened up again and this is how it turned out..

100_4567 I asked if a duck only would do and she agreed.  I think it turned out okay.

You gotta hear what happened yesterday!!  I had the scare of a lifetime!  I picked up the kids after school.  My daughter and her friend told me my license plate was gone.  I freaked out!  I imagined the worst of course!  I just knew someone stole it, put it on a stolen car, and robbed a bank!  I jumped when my cell phone rang.  I thought it was the cops calling to arrest me!!  I’m serious!!  I quickly texted Mark and started a plan of action with the DMV.  As I was making my plan, I remembered that I had gotten a car wash at the gas station.

I flew over to the gas station.  All the kids cheered me on as I stepped into the automatic car wash.  There it was!  My poor license plate looked so sad.  Then I thought, “What if the car wash starts while I’m in there?”  I slipped into my super mom cape, leapt into the car wash, swooped up the plate and dashed out.  All was cool until I saw a group of teenagers watching my heroic feat.  What super hero turns every shade of red???

My mini-van has been making a strange noise and running too well.  So, I grabbed the license plate and drove to a mechanics shop.  Dreading the extra expense, I told the man all about the sound, the vibrations, and of course the plate that the car wash ripped out beyond repair.  Like every mechanic, he seemed nice enough but you just never know.. there’s horror stories about mechanics and their tactics to rob us gals!  I walked out of the office and looked at their sign.  Would you believe it??  John 3:16 was there as big as day!  I think I found some assurance!

Enjoy  your Wednesday!!  God bless..


Be Mine

I don’t know what it is about Valentine’s Day.  I enjoy it… not for the sugar high kids, chocolate, or the extra attention I receive…I enjoy it because I can do something special for the Valentines in my life.

I like to start the day with a really pink  breakfast….  This morning, I made heart shaped pink pancakes and strawberry smoothies.

valentine's day breakfast 002

vday hugs and kids valentine's day breakfast 005

The kids were really surprised and liked the extra crunch the hugs and kisses added.  I did panic for about 2 seconds though.. I thought I had red food coloring.  Ahem.. I didn’t.  Panic began to set in.. then I remembered the pink sugar sprinkles in my cake decorating box.  Yea!!!  It worked like a dream!!

For lunch, each of my valentine’s have a heart impression on their PB&J sandwich.  I used a heart shaped cookie cutter to make the impression on the bread.  I used to cut out the hearts but so much bread was wasted, plus, baby girl is too grown up for such sandwiches… ((sigh))

Here’s another cool idea I have done in the past.  It is so simple and fun.  You use milk and food coloring to paint designs on bread.. then pop it in the toaster!!

milk paint notes

And if you want less mess use the icing writer pens on the toast..

Valentine note on bread

It is always fun to surprise Mark and the kids. I hope they smile when they see their lunch.

Now tonight, I have special plans for a wacky cake.   I am going to decorate it with the hugs and kisses sprinkles and heart shaped marshmallows.

heart shaped marshmallows

I can’t wait to see what it looks like!  SHHHHH  don’t let Mark and the kids know what I am doing!!

Even though I like to make special goodies for the family, Valentine’s day is also a great day to reflect on how much God loves us.  I am reminded everyday of the love I receive from Mark and the kids.  I know each of them is a God send.  How else do you explain me meeting Mark… He was in NY for heaven’s sake!!  He loves me so much that He gave his one and only son for me.  (John 3:16)  His love has no end.  He is love.  ((sigh)) God is so good!

Now get off here and tell someone how much they are loved!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!  God Bless…

God’s Plan

Today is FRIDAY!!  And since it is Friday.. that can only mean The Other Mama’s Friday Favorites blog carnival!! Be sure to check out everyone’s favorites!

Planning to dye Easter eggs with the kiddos as my Friday favorite, the plans changed when I woke up to God’s music:  birds singing.  Last night was warm enough to sleep with the windows open and the symphony of song birds spilled into my bedroom along with the morning sunshine.  What a glorious start to Good Friday.

Laying there enjoying the spring inspired music, I reflected on this week…Holy Week.  This week was full of commemorations of Jesus’ final moments here on Earth.  Monday and Tuesday, along with many of my sisters and brothers in Christ, I traveled to Gethsemane within the walls of our sanctuary praying for our church, our children, and our community.  Reliving the two hours spent in prayer, the peace with in me swelled and felt the joy knowing God is in control.   Last night, my family and I enjoyed a “Passover” meal of Matzo Ball Soup in observance of Maundy Thursday.  As I explained that this dish could have been served as Jesus’ last meal, the bland soup became delicious and honorable.

Spring 003 Spring 005

But then today, Good Friday…listening to the new life outside my window brought tears of indescribable reverence to God’s plan.

“For God so loved the world that he gave is one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  John 3:16

The weight of John 3:16 laid heavily on my heart.  For God loved me so much that He gave his one and only Son, so that when I believe in Him, I will not live my life without Him but to have an eternal life with Him…needless to say, that is why Good Friday is a favorite.

God Bless..and may you have a blissful Easter.