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Well, Betty Crocker had some really cool ideas about Meal-Planning and Table Service in 1950.  According to Betty……

Good Eating brings happiness two ways.  First, there is the joy and satisfaction of eating delicious, well prepared food.  Then there’s the buoyant health, vitality, and joy of living that comes from a wise choice of foods.  Both are important to good nutrition.

Betty tells the homemakers in the 1950’s to use the “Basic Seven Foods” when planning the meals to be served.

Check this out…… (click picture to zoom in)

Notice how things have changed??  In Group 6, enriched or restored flour is encouraged….. And Group 7…… where’s the olive oil???  Interesting isn’t it!!

I am a big meal planner.   I have found over the years that it helps me with my grocery shopping.  I sit down each week and plan my meals for the ENTIRE week.  I even include snacks for my hungry darlings after school.  I have to keep in mind all of our family activities so my calendar isn’t but a hand reach away when I plan.

Betty was big on meal planning, too.  She even says it is an art:

Planning, preparing, and serving meals is an art which develops through inspiration and thought.  And meal-planning is really fun!  It may look difficult to the beginner, but like driving a car, swimming or anything we learn to do without thought or conscious effort, it is a skill which grows easier with the doing.

I can remember starting the meal planning process.  It would take me hours to get everything together and planned.  Now, 30 minutes is the most I spend.  It has become second nature for me.

Betty has her plan broken down into 5 catagories that will ensure the homemakers build a happy home life.

1.  Appropriateness:  Cut your meal pattern to fit your situation, the occasion, and your family’s needs.

2.  Appearance:  Prepare, serve and present each food attractively for greater appetite appeal.

3.  Satisfaction:

a)  Good cooking and seasoning

b) Right combinations of food

c)  Follow tested recipes carefully

Betty’s wise advice:

Something soft and something crisp should always go together,

And something hot with something cold no matter what the weather,

Something bland needs the complement of something with tang and nip,

Follow these rules and all your meals with have taste appeal and zip.

4.  Nutrition:  Serve a wide variety of foods.  Balance meals by including foods from the 7 basic groups.  Breakfast should give about 1/3 of the day’s food supply.

5.  Cost:  A food budget will help you.  Buy the basic food needs for the family first.  Buy less of the more expensive foods and  more of the less expensive foods.  Grow your own fruits and vegetables, if possible.

How wise Ms. Betty was back in the 50’s!!  Fast forwarding to today…..most of her advice can be used today.  Perhaps, I will need to consider how attractive my mealtime should be…..oh will I ever be so worthy???

Enjoy your day!!  God Bless……