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Mother/ Daughter Bonding

My baby  daughter and I had a blast last night.  A bonding experience like none other.  Laughter.  Discussion.  A couple of fearful moments.  A recipe for true bonding that will never be forgotten.

No boys.  No besties.  No one but us and a spider.  Yes, I said spider.  No need to blink twice or to reread the sentence….. a spider.  A biggin at that.  A giant ugly 8-legged spider brought the two of us together.

Want me to elaborate???

I know you want me to……

We got home from a long day of work/school, band practice, and video blog taping.  The cool night approached and a very hard working spider built a huge web at our front porch.

Ew.  A spider.  I know they have a purpose here on earth.  But I wonder why God had to make them so creepy looking.  ((shuddering as I am typing))  I don’t like them.  They creep me out.  I scream when I find one in the house.  Mark has to save me.  I freeze every time I see one.  ((shudder))

But there was something about this enormous spider and its web……  I marveled instead of throwing up.  It fascinated me and my daughter.  Mind you if the spider moved….. I was up against the house or moving towards the door so fast you didn’t know what was up.

Well, the porch light was on and moths were fluttering all around.  Is it just around here or has this been the year for moths?  They are every where.  That’s when I got the bright idea of feeding the spider.

So, I put down my purse and began to catch a moth.  My daughter laughed so hard I thought she was going to pass out.

“Mom you look like a cat.”

I reached for the moth.  Missed.

Reached.  Missed.

Chased.  Reached. Missed.

This went on for—ever!  Then our young cat, Matthew, joined in.  He saw Mommy trying to get a moth and it looked like fun.  So here we were…. cat chased, reached, and missed.  Mommy chased, reached, and missed.  Daughter bent over laughing and holding her stomach.

Matthew knocked one down.  He jumped.  I dove.  Now we were fighting over this moth.  He wanted it.  I wanted it.  Daughter wiped away tears of laughter.

There’s something to be said about cat reflexes…… he got it.

I set my sight on a big one.  I thought, bigger = slower.  Eventually, I got it.

Now to throw it onto the web.  The laughter stopped.  I eased up to the web.  I never took my eyes off that spider.  I was afraid of it jumping.  I had already proven to myself that my reflexes are not as fine tuned as I thought.

I threw the moth and it stuck.  The spider pounced.  Daughter and I stood there in amazement.  Mouths open.  Awestruck. The spider went straight to work.  Poisoned the moth in its clutches.  Then quickly turned it over and over to wrap it up in web.  Daughter and I talked about the whole process.

Heard about it in school.  Never actually saw it done before.  It is quite interesting.

Your PawPaw used to do this for hours when I was a kid.  He would catch bugs and feed them to a spider on our back patio.  Uncle and I would sit and watch.

It moves in stealth.  It is over so quickly.  Poor moth.

Yeah, poor moth.

A moment shared together.  Will she remember?  Will she do the same with her kids one day?

Hope you have a great day….. God bless……