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Today I'm Smarter

Today, I woke up smarter.  Last night, I read something intriguing.  It made me think, pray, and marvel at the meaning of the sentence.  As you may have already guessed it… today’s blog is going to be a little deeper than usual..

I finished the book, Oogy, in like a day and a half.  Great story by the way… so now I am reading two pretty deep books simultaneously.  Don’t know if it a result of ADD or insanity.  I read a little of one, let it soak in, read a little of the other one, and so on; so forth.

The book, On Balance, by Adam Phillips caused the revelation with the end result of higher intelligence last night.  Basically, the book discusses the how our quests in life to be balanced is merely subjective to our view, the world’s view and cultural views on the definition of being balanced.  Phillips takes a rather harsh look at today’s excessiveness, authenticity, and mentality posed by society today.  Reminds me of the argument, “What really is normal?”  Deep stuff.. I might add!

What really got me to thinking after the 4th page of this philosophical book was..Now mind you, the author is discussing people’s excessive behaviors in terms of “outrageousness.”  You know those who are excessively unjust, disrespectful, political, religious.. got the picture?  We “normal” peeps see these behaviors and want to do something about it..

Our knee-jerk reaction is often to want to punish them, and often excessively.  And yet people usually punish each other when they don’t know what else to do; which is why punishment is so often beside the point, an excited failure of imagination.

Told you it… deep!

If you haven’t already guessed, I am not your average woman.  I can be excessive in terms of creativity, my lack of punctuality, my relationship with my family, emotionally, nerdyness .. I could go on but I think you get the point.  Many times, people do not know how to handle me nor how to approach me due to one of my many excessive behaviors.  Sadly, though, as an end result (failure of imagination), I am punished by society, friends, family, and figures of authority because, well… they don’t know what else to do.  It isn’t a “time-out” type of punishment but more of  cold shoulders, arguments, and added responsibilities to a job description intended to punish.  And if you can imagine, the punishment only leads to estranged relationships, hurt feelings, and emotional abandonment from all parties involved.

My eyes were opened.  Scouring over past conflicts, I could see I punished and was punished because of a lack of understanding and plainly not knowing what to do.  Perhaps, a quiet non-threatening conversation could have prevented the punishment or maybe, just asking a simple question in a non-intrusive way to find out exactly what needs to be done or said to correct the conflict.  A lot of prayer should have been added to a lot of the punishments created and served on my part.  I believe God would have opened my eyes sooner.

Am I saying that punishment isn’t needed? No, I believe punishment is needed to correct behaviors.  But, the harshness and presentation of the punishment may be needed to be reexamined in terms of excessiveness and the lacking of understanding the underlying problem.  Every situation is different.  And every method to handle a conflict needs to be different as well as performed out of love and respect.

Told you deep… Enjoy your Monday and God bless…