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Thoughts of Food

My mind struggles.  There’s a battle over my mind, my actions, and in my thoughts.

It is hard to make sense of it all.  The battle.  The thoughts.  The never ending tugs. Then Anger.  Anger over my actions.  Anger over the battle.  It is all just a blur.  I just want silence.  I want peace of mind.

Read Psalms.  A simple suggestion.  From start to finish.

As I began, I felt compelled to replace “enemies” and “evil” with “thoughts of food.”

David’s struggle, or battle if you will, was with men….. evil men.  Mine are thoughts. Thousands of years span between us, yet….. our battles are alike.

I found comfort and strength, followed by inspiration,  in doing this simple edit.

May I suggest the same to you.  Whatever you are struggling with…. a person, a thought, an addiction….. edit Psalms and see what happens.  You will be amazed in the difference it makes.

God bless……