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Okay, so everyone who reads my blog knows I am an animal lover!  I love 4-legged love!  Their sweet kisses make everyday seem so much brighter.  My heart goes out to animals who have been abused, neglected, and thrown away.  I love the time I spend at our shelter.

For Mother’s Day, all I wanted was a trip to the Elephant Sanctuary.  It is about an hour and a half from home.  It is between Guy, AR and Quinton, AR.  I couldn’t wait to see those elephants!!  They are only open first Saturday of the month.  The cost of admission is $5 per person.  I woke up Saturday morning all giddy and hurrying my family out the door.  I just couldn’t wait to see the elephants!!  It was like Christmas morning all over again for me!!


Okay, now this is Amy and her baby, Bess.  Amy was once a performer.  She was born in 1987.  Her baby girl, Bess, was born at the sanctuary in 2007.   Bess was so cute!  She would play with a tire and was just a ham!  Bess weighs 2500lbs right now.


See, I told you she was a ham!!  Cutie!!

Now let me introduce you to Hank.

102_4756Hank is an Asian Elephant.  He was born in North America.. one of the few that ever have!  He was also a performing elephant until he became a little rambunctious.  He weighs 16000 pounds!  My son gave an apple to one of the interns.  She threw it to Hank.  He picked it up with his trunk and ate it as if it was an M&M!  It was so fascinating!    We were told that only Mr. Riddle ( the sanctuary owner) is able to get near Hank.  OH, and I forgot to tell you.. he is still growing!


These lovely ladies are Peggy and Betty Boop.  They are both retired from the circus.  They are the “mature” ladies of the sanctuary.  They are in their 50’s and enjoy each other’s company.  They are the gentle souls around the place.  They are quite magnificent and seem very graceful.  They were enjoying a quiet snack of grass.  They eat anywhere between 250-400 pounds of food each day!  We really enjoyed watching them!

102_4800 102_4803 102_4811

We learned so much about the elephants!  We all had a zillion questions to ask.  They were spectacular!  The trip made my Mother’s Day even more special!!  If you are in the area, make sure you stop by and check this place out!

Enjoy your day!

God bless…