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Study Hard

Many moons ago, I was a student.  Ask my kids and they will be excited to tell you that dinosaurs roamed the earth during that time.  But anyway…..  I remember the sinking feeling in the pit of my gut when I forgot to study for a test.   You know the teacher probably told us a thousand and one times but somehow that information never processed into my little head.

It is such a sick feeling when you are not prepared.  Immediately, you think of a thousand and one reasons to run out of that room and hide behind some pitiful excuse.

What about our spiritual lives?

Think about it….. if satan knows scripture and can quote it with a little twist that only deceives, should we be prepared enough to know the difference??

Jesus did.  He was tempted by satan in Luke 4.  Here is Jesus fasting for 40 days and satan is right on His heals tempting him with food, prosperity, and disloyalty.  Ahhh, but Jesus knew some great come backs.  Of course He knew the scriptures and didn’t fall for satan’s trickery.

Study is important.  Memorizing is important.  Usage is important.  You may study your Bible and memorize scripture but it won’t do you any good if you don’t put it to good use.

There once a woman in my life.  She knew scripture like something fierce.  She could spout it out lickedy-split.  To my untrained ears, she used those verses to belittle me and to impose superiority over me.  I can remember pulling out my old King James Bible and prayed for some kind of creative “get back.”  I came up empty.  God showed me how little I knew.  I will never forget that feeling.  I knew at the time she was only doing this to control me.  She was using God’s word in such a negative manner.  It felt wrong.  But, I didn’t know how to rebuke.  Praise God, I finally dove into His word and learned.

Enjoy your Monday….. God bless…..

Under Attack

When I am alone, he creeps into my thoughts.  He whispers partial truths into my ear.

When I am tired, he fills my head with unwanted notions.  He turns fear loose.

When I am down and feeling pretty low,  he adds more weight to drown me in sorrow.

The evil one attacks.  A single moment in time when I am not my best, he is there to attach his meddling presence.  He wants to keep me down and out.

His goal:  to oppress, to tie a noose around my spiritual growth……

When I am feeling proud of an accomplishment, he tells me I am strong enough to do things my way.

When I am feeling on top of the world, he tells me I can have  the world.

He feeds pride.  The evil one waits for just an inkling of pride to form.

His goal:  to lure, to fool us into thinking our way is best…….. to add distance between us and God.

One word makes him flee……. Jesus.

One word makes him weak…… Jesus.

One word gives us courage and strength…… Jesus.

One word brings God’s victory….. Jesus.

One word shows God’s triumph…… Jesus.

One word means love……. Jesus.

Perfect love….. Jesus.


Flee evil one…..


Feel God’s power……


Run, Satan, Run……




May God be with you today.  God Bless……