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Signs of Spring

This morning, I pulled out my Bible to study.  The sweet sounds of the early birds made me pause.   I raised my window, pulled God’s word closer to my heart, closed my eyes, and took it all in…… breathing in Yahweh, listening to His love, feeling the warmth of grace as  the sunshine breaks through the blinds.

My Monday morning routine called for my attention.  Determined to keep the glorious morning close at heart, I opted to hang out the laundry.  The chorus of spring surrounded me.

Ah, it has been too long.

My grandmother’s wisdom echoed within me.

Look for spring…… the awakening is beginning.

The robin sings.  Grandma’s first sign of spring was always the robin.  There it was the song of the robin.  So mighty. So strong.  So welcoming.

Spring brings life.  Spring rallies us from our wintry slumber.

Grandma always said, “Listen for robins, look for bluets, and purple clover…… firs signs of spring.”

I quickly pinned the last piece of laundry to the line and walked the yard.  It had to be there.  I walked and searched…… longing to find the purple colors of spring.  I looked as if I had lost something……. oh, I had.  Lost the patience for spring……

And then, there they were…… bluets poking their tiny splatter of purple against the dead of winter.

And there….. purple clover standing tall waving the soft  flowers in the cool of the morning.

Spring closing in…… daffodils blooming.  Birds fluttering.  Warm sunshine.  Temperatures climbing.

Rejoice with Yahweh.  Breath it all in. Yahweh…… my breath of spring.

God bless…..




Oh my!  What a beautiful day it is outside!!   Wind blowing, sun shining, and a spring like warmth fills the air.  I was like a little school girl, giddy and giggly!  I sat outside for a few minutes breathing in the fresh air and praising God for a night of fright-less storms.  I could hardly wait for the washing machine to stop.  I’m gonna hang out the laundry today for the first time this  year!!

I know it sounds crazy but I just love hanging out the laundry.  I enjoy listening to the morning birds and watching my dogs dash across the yard.  I love the warm sunshine beaming down on my face.  The fresh air blowing my clothes and hearing them whip in the wind.  Absolutely my favorite times of the day.. I know I am weird.

It is so hard to believe that tomorrow is March.  Seems like 2011 just began yesterday.   And well… March is here.  Soon it will be time for Easter.  Hard to imagine how fast time really flies.  I remember with each of my children, I wished time would stand still as I rocked them to sleep.  I hoped that they would stay little forever.  Ahhhh, now, yet at times I miss the babies stage, I really enjoy their company now.  Funny isn’t it???  I am still wishing time could stand still again.

With the flowers beginning to poke their heads out of the ground and the buds are forming on the trees, spring is about to appear.  Everything will be renewed and a new start will begin.  Isn’t it amazing how God blesses us with spring!!  A new beginning..a fresh start…  Isn’t that His plan for us?  Renewal in Christ?  He wants us to grow and blossom.

A beautiful thought on this last day of February.

God bless..