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Tornado Season

Ugh!  I hate this season around here.  I enjoy the flowers, warmer temperatures, and I can even put up with the pollen.  But, tornadoes are something different.  My grandparents lost their home in 1997 and 1999.  My childhood home suffered damage as well in 1999.  I get nervous and must hear from every one in the family before I relax.

Yesterday, my storm fearing pooches were on edge.  I slipped them some children’s Benadryl to help calm them down. But they still walked anxiously until we opened up the closet.. there they finally curled up with the kids and waited out the storms.

This morning, God had the birds singing and a cool breeze blowing.  My heart goes out to all those who lost their homes, their livelihood, and family members.  I know what it means to pick up your entire life laid in the rubble.  My grandmother cried over every piece of broken glass.  It is so hard.  Please know, I am praying.  I have a classmate who lives in Vilonia with her family.  I am trying desperately to  reach her.  The longer the time ticks away; the more I worry.

God is there my friends.  He is holding you up right now.  He is giving you the strength to see the aftermath.  He is comforting you while you grieve the loss.  He is there.

I have found a few pictures to share with everyone of last night’s storms.  Please continue to pray.  We are expecting more of the same tonight.

conway tornado

This was taken in Conway, AR.  That is about an hour north from us.  It was this storm cell that damaged Vilonia.

hot springs tornado

This one was taken in Hot Springs, AR.  That is about an hour southwest from us.

benton tornado

This is in Benton, AR.  Only 15 minutes from us.  I have friends who live in those apartments.

little rock tornado

This one is in Little Rock, AR.  Only 30 minutes from us.  It was near where Mark’s office used to be!

May God bless us and keep us safe tonight.  And when I say “us” I mean ALL of us!

God bless…