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A Walk, A Memory, A Lesson

Often, I walk.  Often, God has a lesson for me.  Often, the walk and the lesson leaves a memory so meaningful that life is better because of it.

Many times I pause from the business of the day.  The going to and fro.  Hussle.  Bussel.  Checking off the to-do-list.  At times though, my long list,although checked off, lacks the sense of accomplishment.

I feel hollow.

Twisted inside.

Like I forgot something.

Is it my perspective?

Have I forgotten the safety of hiding myself in the arms and love of God?

Have I forgotten that twist and turn of a vine branches produces strength especially when Christ is my vine?

Have I forgotten to look for the beauty around me that God leaves as a reminder of his love?

Have I forgotten that His living water creates sustainable life?

Have I forgotten that under all the hussle and bussle of the day, God’s living water is there for me to partake?

A simple walk.  A memory.  And God’s lesson in love.

**The photographs are taken at the Two Rivers Bridge walk.  Arkansas is so beautiful.