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A Dash and Splash

In honor of how my mom made her apple pies…today’s blog will be a dash of this and a splash of that..

So tell me… did you join in the Sabbath challenge????  Our morning started with ME wanting to watch TV!!  The kids were good sports about the whole deal.  We totally disconnected from gadgets and electronics.  The house was quiet and at one point everyone took a nap.  Peaceful!!  AND we didn’t spend any money.  We did miss our weekly trip to our church’s coffee shop.

Did you know according to the New York Times the average American spends 11+ hours connected to technology?  That is more than a work day!

I read something interesting.  Scientist have always thought wolves were smarter than domesticated dogs.  Recently this was disproven.  A group of scientists raised dogs and wolves for 4 months. they were pups at the same age…they trained them to pull a treat down with a rope.  The interesting thing was they both learned the pulling of the rope trick with ease.  It was when they nailed the rope down and it could not be pulled down.  The wolf pups pulled until they were exhausted.  The dog pups looked to humans for help after a couple of unsuccessful pulls.  And some people out there feel dogs can’t think!

Here’s an interesting tid-bit of trivia.. Gerald Ford was neither elected at Vice President nor President.

Remember last year, I became vegan for lent??  This year, I am already preparing myself for my next challenge.  I am doing the Daniel Fast.  I have never been so excited.  My friends and family think I am nuts.  But this is going to be really something!  Basically, this fast is 21 days of no meat, no sugar/sweeteners, no dairy, no eggs, no yeast, and no fish.  I can’t wait!!  Come on March!

Today is Martin Luther King’s birthday.  I will never forget the time I asked my students who MLK was..the answer floored me… “He freed the slaves.”  Okay, believe they were a little mistaken!  I quickly began a lesson on MLK and his stand on equality.  Jesus said, “Love the Lord, your God, with all your heart and with all you soul and with all your mind.  this is the first and greatest commandment.  And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.”  (Matthew 22:37-39)  Bless your neighbors today… pray for them and spread love to them.

Enjoy your Monday… God Bless…


Locust, Anyone?

A dear friend of mine teases me about my “food issues.”  I don’t recall having issues except for the allergies.  But my friend laughs at my food adventures.  Last year, vegan was my choice for Lent.  I did very well and enjoyed it.  And after reading a very disturbing book, I converted to vegetarian this summer.  Again, it is really a positive choice.  Mark and the kids don’t balk too much.

I’ve been teased on several other accounts.  Not having cable, not drying my clothes in the spring-fall months (in a dryer, folks.. people would really think I’m nuts walking around in wet clothes!), living a simplistic lifestyle, and not being a huge fan of the Twilight series are just a few topics my friends poke fun.  If I had it my way, I would be the next Ed Begley Jr.  If I could only turn this brown thumb into a green thumb, I would produce all of my own groceries.  Sadly though, I kill silk plants.  I threw out plastic bags, paper plates and paper towels, swearing never to purchase them again.  Eccentric, I know, but come on, our environment is at stake here.   Oh and who quits a good paying career to follow a dream?  Ahem, that would be me!  Praise God!! I haven’t felt this alive, ever.

I gotta stop before I get the reputation of tooting my own horn…

My point is this..throughout the Bible, there have been several eccentric peeps.  Hello, Noah…who built a huge boat and talked about rain?  And what about Jesus’ cousin, John?  He wore camel hair clothes and a leather belt around his waist.  He had this strange fixation on baptizing and repentance.  He ate locusts, for crying out loud!!  All the while, I am sure he got some looks.  Don’t you know his name came up a time or two at the watering hole.

John didn’t fit the mold.  He wasn’t like everyone else.  He knew his calling and was living it.  He obviously didn’t care about all the talk and the peeps poking fun at his antics.  He knew he had to make way for Christ.  And he admirably did so.

At least I am in good company, right???

Please enjoy your Wednesday, and God bless…

I Care

I love the message in Psalms 33:5b, “the earth is full of his unfailing love.”  If you look all around, you  can see God’s love.  It is the blue sky, the sunset, the early morning crow of a rooster, the sighting of a hummingbird, a rainbow, the refreshing rains, the clouds, the grass, the pumpkins growing in my compost pile (God’s having to grow it…I’m clueless and have given up after trying to garden for 8 years), the squirrels fighting over an acorn, my cat trying to catch the squirrels… do you get the picture or must I continue?  God’s love is all around us and for that I am grateful.

My quest for balance has brought me to the book of Proverbs.  While reading chapter 12, I ran across a verse that floored me especially after reading Eating Animals.

A righteous man cares of the needs of his animal.. Proverbs 12:10a

I sat there for a few moments and I knew that a change was on the horizon.  I thought about how so many animals are chemically altered, mass reproduced, grossly slaughtered and confined in farm factories just so I can have a freezer full of meats.  What I read disturbed me and no where did I find the caring for the animals’ needs.  So if purchasing such “cheap meats” is supporting these “techniques,”  I can not consciously and knowingly buy the said meats.  Does this mean I am vegan?  You bet.. until I find local farms with righteous farmers who cares for the needs of their animals.  I hate to think I am promoting cruelty to animals just because it tastes good.

You might want to say a prayer or two for my family.. this is going to be a BIG change in our household until my research is complete and I have a list of local farmers worthy of my purchases…

God bless….


Just want to share with you guys the progress made towards my balanced life…

1.  Quiet Time:  reading a chapter of Proverbs twice a day,  sitting completely still and trying to keep my mind quiet for 15 minutes at least once a day, praying before and after reading Proverbs, and making it a point to pray for those I say I will pray for them.

2.  Ridding the Sluggard:  Walking in the morning, enlisting kids to be my own personal trainers, and praying that I continue to “want to” exercise.   Making it a goal to finish one project a week… this week’s goal is complete, I finished the drawing I promised a friend.

3.  Balanced Eating:  Well, today’s post covered this topic.  I am compiling a list of local organic farms in my area.  I purchased fresh cucumbers and squash from a fresh produce stand down the road.  I only spent $65 for a week’s worth of vegan foods for this week’s groceries.

Next week I am going to tackle a balanced work week…

Vegan Lent

For Lent this year, I gave up milk, meat, eggs, and butter. I introduced fresh greens, beans, and nuts into my diet. I learned to love soy milk and unleavened bread. I made the effort to have a colorful plate at each meal. It was an experience I thoroughly enjoyed.

The first two days and the last week was rough. My body was going through withdrawals from the lack of processed starches (bread, cakes, pies, etc) and meat (love a good steak). Soon after the withdrawals, I began to feel a difference. Without the processed foods, I had a new energy that didn’t make me feel sluggish. I have even lost 12 pounds through this adventure. Last week, I don’t know if it was because the end of Lent was coming up or what….. but by Thursday, I was melting down. I didn’t want a salad. I didn’t want veggie chili. I didn’t want anything but a burger.

However, I have come to the realization that the sluggish feeling isn’t worth the indulgence I think I need….. So, I am going to compromise!! I am still going to keep the vegan meals in my meal plans. I will add three meals with lean meat each week. I may keep the soy milk…. chocolate, of course. It is made with splenda and has a low calorie count….. plus my son enjoys a glass of soy milk as well.

One of the things I loved eating was my Veggie Chili. I made chili one night and just left out the meat. It was delicious!!

Regina’s Vegan Chili

4 cans of chili beans

2 cans 16oz tomato sauce

one purple onion

2 cans 16 oz chili ready tomatoes

palm full of chili powder

palm full of cumin

salt and pepper to taste

Sauté onion in olive oil (tablespoon), add spices, add canned items. Bring to boil. Take off heat and serve.


May God bless your day……