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Pulled "It" Out Again


Okay, I went to the grocery store yesterday.  As many of you know, I am a vegetarian.  I have been trying to eat fresh/frozen foods instead of canned.  The canned veggies are full of salt and well… I don’t want to go there.  I wheeled my cart to the fresh veggies.  My taste buds danced at the thought of fresh fruits and veggies.


When I saw the prices, I froze.  $1 for a single cucumber, $1.28 for one small bell pepper, $.54 for one orange!  Those are just the basics.  Lettuce is nearly $1.50 for the softball size head.  Green leaf lettuce is nearly $3 a bundle.

Before I knew it..

I pulled out the soapbox right there in the middle of the produce.

“Experts tell us we are obese and we should eat fresh foods.  Can the average American afford this kind of diet at these prices?”

An elderly lady said, “I know what you mean.  Try living on Social Security and trying to eat fresh.”

A mother spoke up, “My kids love apples and grapes.  I hate having to feed them processed foods because I can’t afford the fresh.”

Right there, surrounded by fresh foods of every color, a group of us discussed the problem.  I was glad to know I wasn’t alone in my thinking.  Sadly, we moved away from the fresh foods with very little in our buggies.  While gasping at the frozen food prices (everything went up 10 cents just like the gas prices), I thought, “All that fresh food will go to waste because no one can afford to purchase it.”  I wondered where on Earth the fresh food goes to when the shelf life expires.  Soup kitchens?  Food banks??  Lord, I hope so!  The mere thought of it all going to the dumpster made me shudder.

By the time I got home, I had composed a letter in my head to the First Lady.

Dear Michelle,   (I think I needed to be less formal.. you know girlfriend to girlfriend type of letter.Hope she has two L’s in her name… would hate to offend.)

I am one of those “obese” that all the news reports discuss.  I am trying to change my eating habits to vegetarian and eating fresh.  My doctor applauded me on this effort.  It felt good to hear some praise instead of the normal gotta-lose-weight lecture.  I have been succeeding and my tastes have slowly embraced the fresh cooking.

(Here comes the girlfriend part)

Michelle, love those arms!  Love your idea of a garden!  Love your campaign with Wal-Mart to make their canned food better!  But Sista girlfriend, have you been in a grocery store recently?  The prices are outrageous!  Yes, I understand the economy is bad and the gas prices are to blame, but come on, you know the President personally and well we I need your help providing fresh veggies to my kids.  Can I borrow your gardeners for a summer?  Can we move in the White House with ya?  Could you just call the peeps where ever they are to stop jacking up the prices?

Then all of a sudden…

The voices of those in my circle of family and friends who understand economics better than I do began to ring out as to how silly this letter idea was…  But I just get frustrated.  And I found out that I am not alone.  At least my children are fed, right?  I am thinking about gardening again.  I have tried for several years and never had success.  But maybe with a little luck and a whole lot of hard work, we can have fresh veggies that way.

My mind kept going back to those sweet sisters in the produce section.  Maybe it is time we bond together and try to set things right.  But for now, I will just put up the soapbox and pray for the best.

Enjoy your Friday!  God bless…

Locust, Anyone?

A dear friend of mine teases me about my “food issues.”  I don’t recall having issues except for the allergies.  But my friend laughs at my food adventures.  Last year, vegan was my choice for Lent.  I did very well and enjoyed it.  And after reading a very disturbing book, I converted to vegetarian this summer.  Again, it is really a positive choice.  Mark and the kids don’t balk too much.

I’ve been teased on several other accounts.  Not having cable, not drying my clothes in the spring-fall months (in a dryer, folks.. people would really think I’m nuts walking around in wet clothes!), living a simplistic lifestyle, and not being a huge fan of the Twilight series are just a few topics my friends poke fun.  If I had it my way, I would be the next Ed Begley Jr.  If I could only turn this brown thumb into a green thumb, I would produce all of my own groceries.  Sadly though, I kill silk plants.  I threw out plastic bags, paper plates and paper towels, swearing never to purchase them again.  Eccentric, I know, but come on, our environment is at stake here.   Oh and who quits a good paying career to follow a dream?  Ahem, that would be me!  Praise God!! I haven’t felt this alive, ever.

I gotta stop before I get the reputation of tooting my own horn…

My point is this..throughout the Bible, there have been several eccentric peeps.  Hello, Noah…who built a huge boat and talked about rain?  And what about Jesus’ cousin, John?  He wore camel hair clothes and a leather belt around his waist.  He had this strange fixation on baptizing and repentance.  He ate locusts, for crying out loud!!  All the while, I am sure he got some looks.  Don’t you know his name came up a time or two at the watering hole.

John didn’t fit the mold.  He wasn’t like everyone else.  He knew his calling and was living it.  He obviously didn’t care about all the talk and the peeps poking fun at his antics.  He knew he had to make way for Christ.  And he admirably did so.

At least I am in good company, right???

Please enjoy your Wednesday, and God bless…

Happy New Year!!

I hope 2011 welcomed you with open arms.  Seems nice to finally be in 2011..  It’s like everything has a new perspective.  Actually, every January I think the same thing but this year it seems more vibrant.

Last week, I gave you a glimpse of my goals for 2011.  I, also, admitted that I couldn’t find my list… ahem.. hence the addition of getting organized..((giggling to myself)).  Here’s my long list of goals…

Things to Continue:

1.  Vegetarian…I got some really neat cookbooks from a local thrift shop.  I have already been experimenting!  Should have seen Mark’s face with the “bean goop” I fed him on bread.  Okay, that is one recipe I won’t be making again!  It was voted “Yucky.”  However, I have never felt better.  So, I’m keeping the veggies!

2.  Balanced..As many of you know, I set out last year on a quest to find balance.  I incorporated meditation, Bible studies, scripture memorization, exercise, and household order into my daily schedule along with writing and speaking.  It has worked out well so why fix something that isn’t broken, right??

New Goals:

1.  Get an article published.

2.  Meet with a publisher.

3.  Sell a painting.

4.  For Lent, partake in the Daniel Fast.  (No, No, I won’t be eating locus.. that was John.)

5.  Do a 5K..ahem… walk one!  Guess I better dust off the sneakers and get started on this one!!

6.  Paint the rooms of our home.. 10 years of neglect and it is time!!

7.  Get organized…  I’m visiting FlyLady again!!  LOVE HER!!  I need a refresher’s course!

8.  Learn to knit!  I don’t care if it kills me!  I am going to knit a scarf this year!!

9.  Finish my book(s).  Working on two simultaneously… surely I’ll get one done!!

10.  Sew at least two projects from One Yard Wonders.  I have the book ordered!!  Can’t wait!!

Well, there’s my top ten list of goals!  I am really pumped and ready to rock-n-roll!  It sounds like a bucket list, doesn’t it.

So tell me what goals you have set for the new year!

Enjoy your Monday and God bless..

Veggie Chicken?

My kiddos are having withdrawals from chicken nuggets.  I must admit the ease of popping a bag of nuggets in the oven and a glob of instant tators comes in handy on a busy hectic day.  Since converting to a vegetarian lifestyle, chicken nuggets and their ease has become a thing of the past.  Sadly, though, my kids keep begging for nuggets…….

AHA!  At Last!  I found a solution!!  I found these jewels…..

They are veggie chik’n nuggets.  They are easy to cook.  Look and smell like real chicken nuggets.  They are not greasy.  And best of all……and I quote my 13yo, “These are better than the regular nuggets!”

That made me smile!!!  They are a little more expensive than regular nuggets, but I can safely say, “No animals suffered.”

Enjoy your day!!!  God Bless…..

Oh, by the way….. just have to SHOUT FROM THE TOP OF THE HOUSE……

I BOUGHT A PAIR OF JEANS TWO SIZES SMALLER!!!!!  I danced all the way to the check out.  It is the only pair I can wear without a belt!!  YEAH!!  The veggie diet is working!!!!

I Care

I love the message in Psalms 33:5b, “the earth is full of his unfailing love.”  If you look all around, you  can see God’s love.  It is the blue sky, the sunset, the early morning crow of a rooster, the sighting of a hummingbird, a rainbow, the refreshing rains, the clouds, the grass, the pumpkins growing in my compost pile (God’s having to grow it…I’m clueless and have given up after trying to garden for 8 years), the squirrels fighting over an acorn, my cat trying to catch the squirrels… do you get the picture or must I continue?  God’s love is all around us and for that I am grateful.

My quest for balance has brought me to the book of Proverbs.  While reading chapter 12, I ran across a verse that floored me especially after reading Eating Animals.

A righteous man cares of the needs of his animal.. Proverbs 12:10a

I sat there for a few moments and I knew that a change was on the horizon.  I thought about how so many animals are chemically altered, mass reproduced, grossly slaughtered and confined in farm factories just so I can have a freezer full of meats.  What I read disturbed me and no where did I find the caring for the animals’ needs.  So if purchasing such “cheap meats” is supporting these “techniques,”  I can not consciously and knowingly buy the said meats.  Does this mean I am vegan?  You bet.. until I find local farms with righteous farmers who cares for the needs of their animals.  I hate to think I am promoting cruelty to animals just because it tastes good.

You might want to say a prayer or two for my family.. this is going to be a BIG change in our household until my research is complete and I have a list of local farmers worthy of my purchases…

God bless….


Just want to share with you guys the progress made towards my balanced life…

1.  Quiet Time:  reading a chapter of Proverbs twice a day,  sitting completely still and trying to keep my mind quiet for 15 minutes at least once a day, praying before and after reading Proverbs, and making it a point to pray for those I say I will pray for them.

2.  Ridding the Sluggard:  Walking in the morning, enlisting kids to be my own personal trainers, and praying that I continue to “want to” exercise.   Making it a goal to finish one project a week… this week’s goal is complete, I finished the drawing I promised a friend.

3.  Balanced Eating:  Well, today’s post covered this topic.  I am compiling a list of local organic farms in my area.  I purchased fresh cucumbers and squash from a fresh produce stand down the road.  I only spent $65 for a week’s worth of vegan foods for this week’s groceries.

Next week I am going to tackle a balanced work week…