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I Know Her….

I had the most fun yesterday.  Really, I did. On Tuesdays I go to Little Rock for my  shopping.  I generally go to Sam’s just to get foods to prepare for the Wednesday Night Alive dinner at our church. (That is part of my “Give Myself Away” activities.)  Any. Way.

Before I left the house, I received a e-Valentine from Christa Allan.  She is a friend.   A mentor.  Someone who loves books as much as me!!  Plus, she is an author.  We met last summer via SKYPE.  My book circle read her first novel and she graciously contacted me.  We have emailed each other ever since.

Anyway, I was thrilled to receive a Valentine from Christa.  She is sweet that way! LOVE HER!!

Like I said I was in Little Rock and thought I would stop in at LifeWay bookstores. It had been a couple of weeks since I hit the clearance aisle and I needed a real bargain fix.  I followed my usual route looking for those 75-90% off sales.  Then I saw it……

Christa’s new book!!

I literally squealed!  I danced around!!  Her book was up front and center on the New Arrivals shelf.

I snapped a photo on my phone!  I danced some more.  I was so happy for her!! I snatched up a copy like it was gold and paraded around the store like a newly engaged gal with a big old diamond.

Just so happens…. I saw a former student there.  I quickly said my hellos and preceded to explain this book I was showing off.

“Oh, Mrs. Dettra, you just love books!”

“Yes, but I. Know. This. Author.” I proudly signed.

My former student seemed happy in one sense and maybe I needed to be committed in another.

Oh well.  I was having a little party.

I took my prized possession up to the check out counter.  “Oh, Regina.  Glad to see you today.” (sigh)  Yes, she knows me by name.

Her eyes lit up.  “I didn’t know a new one was released. I’ve read every book…..”

I cut her off.  “You’re a Christa Allan fan?”  I rattled off questions about her books.

“No, I have never read Ms. Allan’s work.”

I was puzzled.

She pointed out the series title.  “I’ve read all in the series.”

“Oh, well, let me tell you about Christa’s work.  She’s has three books……”  Right there I gave a sales pitch. In which I ended with, “I know her!”

I danced right there at the counter.  I explained how we met and without noticing a line had formed behind me.  I had a captive audience.  So I had to proudly announce that Kindle is offering her first novel for free.  Go get it.  It’s free and a good read!!

Christa, I am so excited about your new release. I wish you the best, girlfriend. You inspire me.  Your strength encourages me.  I am so honored to be your friend.  May God continue to bless your work!!

Now if you are wondering……

This week we walked 51.12 miles. We are still in Canada and ended up
somewhere near Magog, QC. We’ve walked a total of 318.89 miles and
have completed 9.42% of our journey.



If you haven’t already heard….. it’s miserably hot here in Arkansas.  We have been living under this high pressure for what seems like a lifetime.  My grass crunches under you feet.  The kids and I actually cracked eggs on our street to see if you really could fry eggs on the asphalt.  The yolks cooked sorta.  It was really a big yucky mess!  It was fun trying!  I’m sure some critter thought it had died and gone to heaven when it found egg on the ground!

Yesterday evening, it rained!  It has been so long!  I yelled for the kids.  We ran outside and played.  Stomped in puddles.  Squealed with delight.  Out stretched our arms and pushed our heads back to soak up the raindrops.    It was so refreshing….. and the little girl in me had so much fun!!!

Mark pulled into the drive and found us soaked.  We were giggling.  Especially…. when he joined us!!!  It was a memory worth keeping.  Hallmark couldn’t do better!

Isn’t it amazing how rain can make everything new again?  There is nothing like the smell in the air after a good rain.  The thirsty grass and trees perk up looking so green.

God’s grace is my raindrops.  I need it every day.  At times, I get in a dry spell.  I get busy and forget to have my God time.  Sometimes, I find myself in a desert feeling isolated, afraid, and exhausted.  It is those times I want His raindrops of grace.  I outstretch my arms, lift my head up, and soak up every drop of grace.  Ifeel so refreshed afterwards.  I perk up feeling renewed.  I’m blessed.  Praise God, He’s sooooo good!!


Now, remember to come back by tonight at 8pm Central.  I will be here for a live chat on the book, Walking on Broken Glass by Christa Allan.  And a little birdie told me there may be a special guest popping in…… Oh, I can’t keep a secret!!  Ms. Allan herself will be chatting with us!  So come on by and chat!!

Soak up the raindrops!  God bless……

Book Club Week 3

Can you believe it?  I thought Leah’s overnight trip home from rehab was going to be an experience she would be able to enjoy!  Carl once again!  I can’t stand him.  UGH!!

Oh and Chapter 32 revealed a beautiful truth.

If you havent’ already picked up a copy of Walking on Broken Glass by Christa Allan, do so.  It is a wonderful read.  You can follow my book club online.  Oh and next week, I will be chatting live for the book club.  We can discuss the book together!  Doesn’t that sound like fun.  Meet me at the book club at 8pm central time!!

Enjoy your Thursday!  God bless……

Book Club Week 2

Okay, now we are half way through the book, Walking on Broken Glass by Christa Allan.  It is really good, isn’t it??  I have felt so many emotions through these next 11 chapters.  My heart broke at the AA meeting.  I felt anger beyond belief at a fictional husband.  Makes me glad Mark isn’t anything like the jerk.  The roommate made me laugh…. mainly because she reminded me of a former student.  And….. I craved ice cream!!

Please join me over at the Book Club forum.  I would love to read your comments!!

Enjoy your Thursday!!  God Bless…..

Summer Book Club

My girlfriends and I are planning a Summer Book Club.  I was thinking this afternoon while sitting among the library books.. ahem.. I just love visiting my library!  Anyway, I thought I would invite all of my blog buddies to join with us!

We will be reading the book, Walking on Broken Glass, by Christa Allan.  It really looks promising!  We will begin our book talks on June 23.  So get the book and start reading!  I will have questions for all of us to answer and discuss.  Also, I just might have a live chat one night!  Now doesn’t that sound like fun!!!

So, hurry to your local library, bookstore, or Amazon.com and get that book!

God Bless…