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Promised Land


I am hooked on the television show, Who Do You Think You Are.  It is basically a cool genealogical adventure celebrities go on to find their ancestral roots.  I watched the Tim McGraw episode and at one point he had learned that his 6th generational grandfather was a land pioneer in the Virginia area.  This grandfather was originally from Germany and traveled to America to find his promised land of milk and honey.

Tim McGraw stood on a mountain’s edge and overlooked the land his ancestor owned and distributed to other families moving westward.  He had indeed found his promise land.  His hard work and determination raised him from poverty to being a prominent man that created our country.


How awesome.

Can you imagine the accomplishment the man felt as he looked over his land?

It makes me think of the Israelites that were in the wilderness walking towards their promise land.  They walked day in and out on the promise of a better future.  They had left slavery behind and in spite of all they endured (of their own making, I might add)…hmmmm sounds familiar to me… Of course they were ready to pitch in the towel many times.  Don’t you think McGraw’s grandfather felt the same way?  Especially when he discovered the false advertisement of free land was a lie.  Upon arriving to America, he was sent into a work camp to pay off the debt to the Queen.

But eventually…

They all overlooked their promised land.

Personal journeys, loss, and promises have carried me to this point in my life.  I’m still in my wilderness in so many ways.  Seems like I have a thousand wildernesses to cross but I know from the bottom of my heart, Christ paved the road to my promise land.  One day, I will look back at my life and feel fortunate to step onward.

Happy Thursday…God bless..