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Spider Babies

Alright,  I hate spiders.  I scream bloody murder when I see one.  Mark has rescued me from the things for years.  Well, this morning…….

It was me against this…..

One spider mom and her babies.  It was huge!  Sad thing….. even though I was screaming for Mark, he didn’t hear me because he felt that rinsing the soap off was more important than getting out of the shower to rescue me.

Here’s the thing…..if my friend Pam S. from the Deaf school was here, she would tell me to shoot it.  Because that’s what we gals in the south do to big spiders….. shoot em!

Since I don’t have a gun and Mark was busy, I had to take care of the problem.  Squealing and squirming, I found an empty jelly jar and I quietly snuck up behind it.

She wasn’t moving.  When she did take a step, the weight of all her babies slowed her down.  She was under tremendous pressure.

How many times have I carried a load on my shoulders……  The weight of the world across my back slowing me down.  Then I stack fear, worry, anger, dread and depression on top of all that.  I am weighted down.

Even my kid’s wear me down sometimes.  I worry over them.  I am afraid of what they may encounter or have to face in this world.  The choices that are presented can be fatal.  I worry about grades, college, and if they are getting enough sleep, enough to eat and quality time.  I worry over their health.  I worry over so much stuff.  I do it because I am a mom.

Sometimes that worry turns to fear that keeps me from moving. Just like that spider mom.

It is when I finally take stacks off and hand them over to God that I feel better.  It is when I realize that we are involved in a wonderful church family that looks after and loves my kids enough to step in when I am not around.  I’m so blessed.

So back to spider mom.  I trapped her underneath the jar.  The whole time jumping and squealing.  I ran and told Mark to get her out of my kitchen.  Again, the whole time jumping and squealing.

He did the paper under the jar trick and we let her outside in the flowerbed.  I even went out to say a few words of encouragement…..

This too shall pass…… sweet mama.

Enjoy your Friday.  God bless….