Monthly Archives: March 2009

Time Flies!!

Oh my!  Time sure does fly!!  It has been, like, months since I last posted an entry.   I have been so busy that I haven’t been able to think straight!!

Isn’t it funny.  Here I thought I would become a housewife and have all the time in the world.  For what???  I didn’t care.   I thought I could reclaim my time!  I feel even busier now than when I did work full time.

Everyday, I pray for time.  Time to spend with my darling husband.  Time to spend with my beautiful children.  Time to bake cookies.  Time to share with a sick friend.  Time to work in my garden.  Time….. Time….. Time…..

You know what, God hasn’t added any more hours to my day!!  I guess it is up to me to figure out how to manage the 24 hours He has given me.