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It Boils Down To……

I was in for a good old “thumping.”  God reached down from the heavens and thumped me on my head.

Hate it when that happens…..


Then again…….

God had my attention.

Jesus tells us to “love one another.”  It is the greatest commandment.  Life without love isn’t worth living……

So, pause with me here……  the famous “love” scripture that is read at countless weddings, written within marriage vows, and adorned in newly wedded homes is 1 Corinthians 13: 4-5.


Love cake 2So replace your name with “love”……

Regina is patient…….  ahem….. let me roll my eyes and sigh really hard.

Regina is kind…… well, perhaps, sometimes……. just don’t get in my way!!

Regina does not envy…….  not until, I visit someone’s home.  Or look on pinterest.

Regina does not boast…….  say what??  I’m perfect in every way!!

Regina is not proud…….  Again, I’m perfect.  I am really proud of that!!

Regina does not dishonor others (rude)…… ahem, gossip junkie is my nickname.

Regina is not self-seeking…….   Finally!  One I can actually say I succeed.  Oh, wait….. nope not always.

Regina does not anger easily……  Well, that depends, ahem, on the person.

Regina does not keep record of wrongs…….  Sadly, I can recount each and every wrong I’ve experienced…. down to the day, hour and minute.

Regina does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth……  White lies????  Do they count??

Regina always protects…… family, yes.  friends, yes.  The average citizen, well?????  HMM.

Regina always trusts…… in everyone but herself….. and sometimes the actions aren’t so God-trusting.

Regina always hopes……  but do I live in hope??  Not always.

Regina always perseveres……. not when sugar is involved.

((sigh))  Perhaps I need to tap into God’s perfect love.  Because when I replace Love with Jesus.  I get a big ole smile on my face and the warm fuzzies.  He is a perfect role model.

So, what it boils down to is that  Love never fails.  So, if I want to better my existence in this big bad world, guess I need to practice just a little more love than I normally do.


Apple Muffins!!

So, here’s a neat little recipe…….

Mark likes an apple in his lunch.  I had purchased a bag, on sale…… should’ve known that they were a little more ripe mushy than he would care for.

Didn’t want the apples to go to waste…. so I put my thinking cap on…….

First, my kids can not tolerate “chunks” of anything in their muffins.  So, I decided to grate the apples after peeling.  Solved that little snag…..


That there is 5 med. red delicious apples!!

To that grated apple I sprinkled 1 TBS of sugar and 1 TBS of cinnamon.  Of course instead of sugar you can substitute Splenda or Stevia.

This made the grated apple to juice.  And the smell……. mmmmmmm……. reminded me of a cool fall morning!

Now the muffin batter…..


I will have to play around with sugar substitutes.  I was thinking maybe honey or guava syrup would be tasty.  I will get back with ya’ll on that one!!



Now grease or spray with cooking spray your muffin tins!  Heat up that oven to 350 degrees.

Oh here’s a tip….. use a ice cream scoop to fill the muffin tins.  It helps keep the muffins in a unified size.

Once you have the muffin batter scooped into the tin, sprinkle each with a little cinnamon sugar.  Yay!  My son loves a little cinnamon sugar on his muffins!!

Bake those puppies for 25 minutes.



The fam gobbled them up as if there was no tomorrow!!

My grandmother always said that people throw out their money on wasted food.  Just because the apples were just a little on the soft side didn’t justify me throwing away that money well spent.

What are you waiting for???  Get to baking!!