Recipe Challenge

As we were deep cleaning the kitchen a few months ago, I was shocked at the number of recipe boxes and books I actually own.  Most were acquired from my granny and mother.  I just love old fashioned everything…..

Anyways, it was discussed that perhaps I should use the recipes more frequently.  So yesterday, I created my menu based on my mother’s recipes.  One dinner will consist of Parmesan Fish, Savory Brussels Sprouts, Roasted Red Potatoes, Homemade Bread and Happy Squares.

I can’t help from smiling at the name Happy Squares.  How can you go wrong with graham crackers and chocolate?  Those two alone make me happy. So the thought of putting them together just makes me as giddy as a school girl.

Sweet memories of sitting around the kitchen table with my mother and grandmothers exchanging recipes flooded my mind.  I remembered, as a kid, how my Grandma Cannon sat at her kitchen table and jotted down the recipes a neighbor or her cousin called to give her.  I can recall later that evening my mother would get a call from her saying she had tried the recipe and wanted her to have it as well.  And in turn, my mother would sit at the kitchen bar and scribble out the recipe.   Granny Cornett would rate her recipes with a “VG” for “very good” and a “NG” for “not good”.  I have run across some recipes where she wrote notes of what she added or lessened to make it better.  Granny also added from whom she received the recipe.  She had a system that should have been patented.

A trip down memory lane has given me such joy.  Seeing Mom’s handwriting made my heart glow.  I can still see her in the kitchen stirring and calling me to set the table.

I currently have the Happy Squares baking and the smell is heavenly.  Hopefully their taste will live up to their name……..Happy Squares…… just makes me happy saying it.

The Happy Squares are done and cooled……. they taste just like a Chocolate Chip Cookie!!

So tasty!  Hard to believe just three ingredients and a simple delicious dessert is made.

My heart has grown three sizes bigger today with the visit from the treasured memories……

May God bless you today.

Philippians 4:8

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